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Work community mediation - to constructive solutions through understanding

"There is no such problem which being left unspoken would help to solve it."

Work community mediation is a new method, based on general mediation models and the solution focus approach. The mediation offers the possibility to face conflicts of the work community and a tool to solve them.

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Development discussion
- the most significant twohour of the year

In the development discussion there is a great possibility to have an effect on the clarity of common targets and the creating of team spirit. Similarly, the disappointment caused by poorly managed development discussions is apt for eating away work motivation.

Development discussions are unfortunately often considered merely as technical formalities.

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Leadership Coaching - enabler of learning and growth

Leadership Coaching is a process where a coach helps you to recognize the essential thinking and reaction methods central to your own work. The need and motivation come from the customer, the coach provides support and tools.

In the process we will utilise the methods provided by solution focus approach, narration, reflectivity and dialog.

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Supervision- support for the change and development of the work community

Supervision is goal-directed and confidential individual or group activity directed by the trained supervisors. It is an interaction process that aims at seeing alternatives, expanding thinking, seeing and changing meanings, insight.

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